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We welcome you to the Sancocho Fest, a multi-artistic and intercultural festival that invites you to enjoy live music, circus and theater arts, alternative economies and spaces for the exchange and transmission of knowledge. All this makes up the cultural recipe that seeks to strengthen identity and build peace.

From July 28 to August 6, the doors of the SANCOCHOVERSO will open, a new universe where everything is possible and joy is the energy that moves us.

Sancocho School

The ingredients that season this recipe are, in turn, universes with very particular characteristics. Here at the Sancocho School, workshops, talks and conferences are generated in which dialogue, the exchange of knowledge, non-formal education and non-traditional approaches to knowledge transfer are means of transportation to new levels of enjoyment.

Sancocho Stage

Music, dance, acrobatics and theater are the definitive passport to enjoy other universes in which musical notes, rhythms and movements become beings that season the Sancocho Fest. The lights come on and for two days, festival attendees will have the opportunity to learn about new musical proposals, circus groups, dance initiatives and theater companies that are part of that universe in which anything is possible.

Get to know our programming and prepare your best steps to enjoy the stage of the Sancocho Fest.


The games, the sweetness and the creativity of the boys and girls are the portal to enjoy the Sancochito, a smaller recipe, specially designed so that the little ones can fully enjoy art and culture in a setting that turns them into spectators and protagonists. The Sancochito takes one of the afternoons of the Sancocho Fest to transport us all to an alternative reality where music, theater, circus and dance are available to the smiles of girls and boys.

Know the schedule and become an ingredient in this tiny recipe.


We have invited artisans, designers and independent brands to position their brands and market their products. To complete the equation that unlocks the portal to the TRUEQUE universe, we have opened the doors of this Sancochoverso to various audiences that know, interact and purchase the products on display.